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Personal Injury Cases

The Law Office of Thomas C. Bixby offers legal representation for your personal injury. As a personal injury lawyer, Thomas Bixby has experience assisting clients with workers’ compensation and both major and minor accidents. Our focus is on your recovery, so we will work with your physicians to ensure you are receiving proper care for your personal injury while we handle your legal matters.

Thomas Bixby, knows where you and your family stand. He faced family trouble as his father suffered from mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos during his service in the Navy and as a local school maintenance man. If your loved one has been exposed to a toxic product such as asbestos, lead, or other environmental toxin please call and we will assist you in presenting a claim and finding support for you and your family.

Common personal injuries include:

  • Physical harm
  • Financial Loss
  • Disability
  • Health Problems
  • Death
  • Sexual Abuse

Statutes of Limitations

Personal injury can include any type of harm that comes to your physical health or finances that was caused by another party. As a result, people often file legal claims to receive reparations that will help offset the cost of any injuries or losses.

A legal claim generally needs to be filed within a certain time frame for you to be able to seek compensation. Statutes of limitations laws determine how long you have to file a civil claim. Such laws vary by state and type of case. Attorney Thomas Bixby is licensed to practice law in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York and is available for consultation to discuss your potential case.

In some instances, a repeal of a state’s statute of limitations law may allow victims of childhood sexual abuse to come forward and hold their perpetrators accountable, even decades after the abuse occurred. The state of Vermont is one of the first states in the country to repeal the SOL on both childhood sexual and physical abuse. Attorney Bixby is the first lawyer to file a claim based on the 2021 statute of limitations repeal of childhood physical abuse in Vermont: Kurn Hattin Lawsuit

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