Ski Injury

ski-accidentTCB Law has been representing injured skiers for over fourteen years. According to the National Ski Areas Association, the 2009/2010 ski season was an average year for fatalities and serious injuries. Out of 59.8 million skiers and snowboarders, there were:

  • 38 fatalities
  • 25 skiers (18 male, 7 female)
  • 13 snowboaders (12 male, 1 female)
  • 39 serious injuries
  • 16 skiers (11 male, 5 female)
  • 23 snowboarders (16 male, 7 female)

These are only the reported injuries; many ski injuries go unreported. Typically, ski resorts have language on ski passes that state that the skier assumes all the risk and the mountain cannot be held liable. The Vermont Supreme Court has held such language to be invalid. Despite the myth, skiers do not assume all the risks. The ski area is charged with the duty of any other property owner which is that they need to inspect, make safe and protect its customers from known or knowable hazards. At TCB Law we have litigated ski injury cases to successful outcomes for our clients. There is only a one year of statute of limitations in Vermont on ski injuries. If you have been injured while skiing through the fault of another skier/snowboarder or through a failure to inspect, make safe, or protect by the ski area, give TCB Law a call.