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Law Offices of Thomas C. Bixby, LLC is a dedicated firm located in downtown Rutland, Vermont, where clients come first.

We handle all aspects of civil litigation, whether it be automobile, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, products liability, FELA or whistleblower. We are a full service law firm serving clients in Massachusetts, New York and Vermont, in both State and Federal Court.

There is no fee for a consult and there are no charges for attorney fees unless you prevail.

Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle collision or been struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian, you need legal representation. It all starts with facts gathering, documenting of the scene and damage to your vehicle, and photographing the injuries. At TCB Law we have the experience, knowledge and ability to help you through the maze of insurance, […]

Personal Injury

Whether it be a slip and fall, a dog bite, product failure, exposure to a toxic product, an intoxicated individual, a recreational injury or a workplace injury, TCB Law has the knowledge, skill and compassion to assist you through this trying time. The initial focus needs to be on your recovery. TCB Law will work with you and your physicians to help you recover to […]

Medical Malpractice

Six states represented 51.4% of all medical malpractice payouts in the United Sates during 2011. New York had the highest total of medical malpractice payouts ($677,866,050) followed, in order, by Pennsylvania ($319,710,250), Illinois ($242,108,800), New Jersey ($221,170,750), Florida ($218,123,050), and California ($215,519,200). The states with the lowest total of medical malpractice payouts in 2011 were South Dakota ($3,033,750), Vermont ($3,938,250), Wyoming ($4,235,000), North Dakota ($4,852,500), […]


Tens of millions of dollars have been paid by railroad companies to settle solvent lawsuits under FELA. Current or former railroad workers have claimed exposure to toxic solvents from the 1960s into the 1990s has caused mild to severe brain damage. CSX, the largest railroad in the eastern United States, has acknowledged settling 466 solvent exposure claims and paying up to $35 million, though the […]

About Attorney Bixby

Thomas C. Bixby was born in Cambridge, MA and grew up in Marshfield, MA. Mr. Bixby attended Marshfield High School and graduated in 1989. Upon graduation he attended St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH and received a B.A. in English in 1993. After working for a year and a half Mr. Bixby went on to attend Thomas Cooley School of Law in Lansing, MI, earning a J.D. in 1998. Thereafter, Mr. Bixby worked as a law clerk for Thornton & Naumes, in Boston, MA assisting in research and discovery of class action cases including, but not limited to, tobacco litigation, oil spill litigation, and a sexual discrimination case against the NBA for failure to allow a female to referee. In May of 1998 Mr. Bixby was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar and began working as an attorney with the law firm of Iannella & Mummolo, where he was responsible for all litigation involving personal injury claims, including slip and fall, motor vehicle, medical malpractice, products liability and workers' compensation cases. In May of 2000 Mr. Bixby was admitted to the Vermont Bar and moved to Brattleboro, VT with his wife Brandy where he began working as an associate for McCarty Law Offices. Mr. Bixby became a partner in the firm in 2006. He continued representing clients in all matters of civil litigation, including ski injury and railroad (FELA) cases.

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